Cool Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

Cool Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

New cool status for whatsapp and facebook : Today I am publishing first article on my status mashup blog. Yes, then you have reached at right place because this page has a large collection of over Best cool status. I hope you like this collection. Cool status are defined as the reflection of our feeling for someone. I will add thousands of status mashup to my blog.You will get all the latest and updated collection of Best cool status.  I will write the status mashup myself to my make Status site more unique and good looking then others sites.So today I am going to share Best Status for our collection .

These Nice Best Status are written by me .I am sure that your Friends will like these Status collection in English.You can checkout the Status below.If you face any problems in copying these Statuses then report us, We will solve your problems as soon as possible.

Cool Status

Here are the Cool Status for Best Status.I am sure that your Friends will like these Status.You can checkout the Best Status below.


Then put in the wrongfamio .. Was it necessary to smile going?

If you can not find it everyday Remember to meet together always like this!

Picture on the wall of my heartAnd in your hands are my fate!

 Tamana was of your Jism, then from the world, Ishq is from your soul, therefore, you ask God, you are your father.

Taking my name hurts me I hate thinking only at right

I was scared, seeing a glimpse of him, Do not go everyday what will pass on the mirror!

Give the path to the beats, You are sitting on the whole heart!

These riddles, these fate, these fate are all fir Having your hand in your hands only matters a lot of life!

Want to make you laugh It is just that you say,

You join me in my life, Like the thread of Vishnu tied at the temple door!

Your picture has been painted by making a picture And people ask how the moon is so spotless today.

On the ocean waves, I can make footprints, If you go with me, I can make the ground on the ground!

Come closer, it is difficult to live your life, Heart not from you .. love you every day!

He will save his life, Just once he says that I’m yours!

Life is sweet and very sweet But only till then I am your only friend and mine.

Teaching love is no problem of hatred. You are the only one else in this heart!

All the world’s faces will mislead you, You just stay in my heart, no one comes here!

I will give you so much love, People will feel like you get the luck ..

Meet no no meeting, no gum! No less than meet passing by!

In your memories ‘drunk’, now I am ‘shattered’ I am writing ‘you’ and ‘famous’ .. 

Do not get anything except your love for Dua, If you get it in life then you will not find life again .

In the heart is kept hidden .. like mohabbat black money Do not disclose that there is no ruckus

Tears in your eyes, for my sake That lamma love me life. !!

If you come face to face, Every “complaint” has done “self-satisfaction” like !!

I am in my love-childhood, Which is my mine, why is it that I am someone else!

There is no desire for diamonds and I die on fairies. She is a “innocent” girl who I love!

People ask this every time what you saw in it I say this every time, it is unnecessarily laughing

There was a person that he ever celebrated us. But these people are never happy with them.

Can not we And say you embrace, “something else?”

See nothing less than a day’s infidelity Seeing how true love is my trio!

“The wrong thing was done with eyes. “The heart also takes away those who do not even lift it 

If you ask for the reason then all the age will pass, If you do not like it, then just take it !!

Think of every papers you admire, Then it came to mind that the reader should not be as crazy as you are.

Take a lawsuit on our Sanam, At least every muscle will be deeded 

Nothing in his favor They have love in their chests .

How much is your story Mehboob was with you !!

If you get permission then ask for you. Listening is being written !!

Love never changes if true With no interruption .

cool status for whatsapp in english
cool status for whatsapp in english


attitude status in english for facebook
attitude status in english for facebook


cool status wallpaper hd
cool status wallpaper hd


whatsapp profile pic latest
whatsapp profile pic latest


royal attitude status in english
royal attitude status in english


cute boy status in hind
cute boy status in hind


 english attitude status
english attitude status


cool status for boys
cool status for boys


handsome boy status in hindi
handsome boy status in hindi


Such arbitrators are not good either, You are not just yourself but myself .

I’m afraid of you lately ask me your voice Just heard the fucking love has happened!

Keep this heart of mine only, It is a big worry that your .

If you steal me, hi! All the time become poor .

Everyone asks, what do you do ??? Jase Mohabbat no work .

Will your death also be death? You will die one day, you die!

Love you are in luck Everyone is in the heart ,

Only at the same time should she accompany her, One is just for one and forever .

When he kissed his lips, he realized this. To extinguish a water not necessarily thirsty., .

After teasing her friends, after meeting her, Why have you changed your color after meeting him?

I had seen just for a look, What was the news that you would go to the rug of rage? In you you will become a soldier of you, You become a thief in the sea and in between ..

We lose some of it in ourselves You think you are yourself. 

I am Kher Insan Ho Sanam, The air is touching you till I get drunk .. 

Lip mixed up by saying this to my lips If you leave alcohol then this drink will get everyday . 

Your feelings gave us such a nourishment Now the liquor has become silent ..

I do not need to paint with the colors of the market, When one remembers, this face becomes pink 

Just tweet me with your lips I might also be drinking alcohol 

Red eyes and lips Shabnamai Come to P, or be yourself alcohol .

Lips like the Tahrirs written in his books ..,. !! Keep the finger alive and then live to read it., ..!

You heard that you take revenge of everything, Try to kiss your Lobo.

The lips are mine, but the smile is yours, Labs are mine, then why are you talking about them?

Hopefully..!! A Khwahish may be fulfilled without the worship of .Come and embrace it .without my permission 

Thinking about you These love are very loving 

Gulab si hai muhabbat tere, The more fragrance, the more pricking it ..

Do not even broach why do you love, Things have come to a lot from the eyes now, do it with a lot of loneliness